Quality and Certification

In 1991, CRSI (Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute) initiated a voluntary certification program for the manufacture of Epoxy-Coated Steel Reinforcing Bars. This program significantly improved the quality of Epoxy-Coated Steel Reinforcing Bar (rebar). Developed to provide an independent certification, the program outlines the basic requirements for a quality control program to ensure that a plant and its employees are trained, equipped and capable of producing fusion bonded Epoxy-Coated Steel Reinforcing Bars (rebar) in conformance with the latest industry standards and recommendations. The Program certifies the manufacturing process and is not a guarantee product quality. It is intended to supplement, not to replace the acceptance testing of materials.


  • To ensure that coating applicator plants have the capabilities and quality control procedures in place to ensure a high level of excellence in materials produced and delivered to the job site.
  • To assist plant management in achieving a high level of excellence in the plant and its operations.
  • To provide recognition to plants which demonstrate a high degree of excellence.

The Certification program is handled by CRSI and not by the Epoxy Interest Group. Further details can be found at www.crsi.org or by contacting:

CRSI Headquarters
933 North Plum Grove Road
Schaumburg, IL 60173-4758
Phone: 847.517.1200