5th and Walnut Garage

  • Aug 15, 2011

A new parking garage was built in the City of Columbia, Missouri that would complement the surrounding downtown Columbia architecture. The building was constructed using cast-in-place, unbonded post-tensioned structural system and included precast façade panels. These panels used a thin-set brick to the concrete. Details include stacked precast panels to provide the aesthetic appeal of a typical building, masking the ramped parking structure floors beyond.

The 703 space garage has 10 levels, and was constructed by Graham Construction, Inc. Omaha, Nebraska. It was designed with a 50+ year design life and the construction included use of epoxy-coated reinforcing steel in the top layer of the slab to resist corrosion. In addition, a traffic topping membrane was placed over the mixed use space to prevent water migration through the slab into the occupied space.