Seattle Sound Transit Tukwila Segment

  • Mar 22, 2010

The Seattle Sound Transit Tukwila Segment is a light rail project that extends from the Boeing airfield at the southern limit of the City of Seattle to the Sea-Tac airport. According to the Port of Seattle Commissioner, more than 30 million passengers pass through Sea-Tac every year and the project helps support the travel needs of 15,000 airport employees.

The project includes 4.2 miles of elevated guideway, carrying twin tracks with a station and commuter park and- ride located near the airport. The guideway spans several major obstacles including a freeway, a railroad, and a river. Typical spans up to 132 ft were built span-by-span and long span structures up to 350 ft were built in balanced cantilever.

At 24,746 feet long, the entire Link bridge structure exceeds the length of the other major highway bridges in the Northwest. However, Link’s Tukwila structure touches down to ground level in three separate places and the longest elevated section is 10,024 feet.

A segmental V-box girder system was used and nearly all components of the structure were standardized.

In 2009, this project was awarded the ASBI Bridge Award of Excellence, and in 2010, it was awarded a PCA Concrete Bridge Award.