Truckee River Bridge

  • Jun 25, 2012

In 2008 a new bridge was opened in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in the Truckee Basin. This 1525 ft long bridge consists of seven spans and utilized post-tensioned box girders. The superstructure depth varied from 7’7” at the mid span to 15 ft at the piers. The maximum span was 233 ft. The Truckee Valley Bridge provides a bypass of the historic town of Truckee for travelers going south from Interstate 80 to the resort areas in the Sierras of California.

In order to obtain maximum durability, the designers chose to use high performance concrete, epoxy coated reinforcement, and a polymer concrete overlay.

The bridge can be seen by travelers on I-80, from the historic center of Truckee, and by kayakers, hikers, and fishermen in the valley. The boundaries of the bridge are set by the pine forest. The design intention/vision for the bridge was to make a bridge which simply and gracefully crossed the valley without drawing attention to itself and with minimal interference to views up and down the valley.